Akbay talks of his tactics in young boys


Akbay has confirmed he never regrets not using Ray Lunga from the first half of the 2017 season after he showcased good talent in the last fixture against Shabanie Mine.

“When you get a player from division one or young player from under 18, you have to give the boy sometime. You cannot expect a young player to be put directly to the first eleven. Even now for Ray Lunga it’s too early to push him in the first eleven but because of losing two strikers they is no other option but to push this boy, he is a very smart guy, on the front side. I will not focus on this boy though he is a good player who only misses psyche power but we working on that”, said coach Erol in today’s press conference.

“If u get young players from division one or under 18 you don’t use them directly and it’s not good to put him out of his team to the senior team to be on bench while on his team he can play every week, and he gets more better and better. At the end of the year we can take young players when we have lots of time to work with them. But now at the middle of the season they is no time to teach somebody what he has to do and they is no time for young players to learn something. It’s only possible when the young guys are coming at the beginning of the year and they is much time to prepare, but now it’s not good to take the boy from division 1”, he continued.

Every time l put a young guy in the first eleven it means they is no too much pressure from the front side and when Ray was in they was no too much pressure because we were already leading 2-0. And the opponents only focused on the attack and it means for the defensive side they was no pressure and he could play good football. But if l put him directly on the first eleven you can see and different Ray”, concluded the Dutch gaffer.




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