Life Membership – $150

Ordinary Membership -$30 per annum (joining fee $50)

Official Supporter Card– $5 per annum

The club boasts of a wide membership base with thousands of members all over the world, as a community owned club Highlanders still augments its membership as new members join the club.

Celebrating 91 years this year membership lately is heightened by supporters’ chapters around the country and outside Zimbabwe.

One does not only get to be a card carrying member but there are also numerous benefits that come with being part of this great club.

Members are eligible to run for any position at the club’s leadership and also those voted into leadership positions are elected by the club’s members.

Among st other things, members are eligible to attending meetings where major discussions about the club’s well being are done.

Interested people can contact the office, those outside Bulawayo can pay through our registered biller code 70662

Alternatively contact the club on 0783 780 920 or email us: